Local Advisory Committee (Northwestern California)

(Note: The following names and organizations are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily represent formal organizational endorsements. Please contact the organization for current position)

Hon. Connie Stewart, Mayor of Arcata
City Council Member, City of Arcata

Hon. John Wooley
Third District County Supervisor
County of Humboldt

Daniel M. Ihara, Ph.D. Economics,
Executive Director,
Center for Environmental Economic Development

Christopher Peters, Executive Director,
Seventh Generation Fund

Julie Fulkerson, Business Owner;
Former Mayor of Arcata;
Former County Supervisor

Andy Alm, Project Coordinator,
Institute for Global Communications
San Francisco

John Sloane, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus,
International Relations
San Francisco State University

Bill Devall, Professor Emeritus,
Humboldt State University, Arcata

Larry Evans, Trails General Foreman,
Stanislaus National Forest

Erle Ingram, steelworker
Secretary-Treasurer, Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment

Mark Sommer, Director,
The Mainstream Media Project

Bill Verick, Attorney at Law,
Pacific Justice Center

Melanie Williams, M.A., Lecturer,
Department of Government and Politics
Humboldt State University

Margaret A. Gainer, Founder and Board Member
Center for Environmental Economic Development

Tobin Tax Initiative
CEED/IIRP, PO Box 4167
Arcata, CA 95518-4167
phone: (707) 822-8347, fax: (707) 822-4457
e-mail: cecilr@humboldt1.com

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The Tobin Tax Initiative is a project of the Center for Environmental Economic Development.